Sexual Cases

There are a wide variety of complex and difficult charges you may be facing in this delicate area. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, sexual exploitation, internet luring, possession, accessing and or production of child pornography.

Sexual Cases - Criminal Defence Lawyer - Vancouver Provincial Court

Any and all sexual type charges are often the most sensitive and troubling cases you can be faced with. Such charges can have an enormous effect on your reputation, your employment and, to make matters worse, there are often serious criminal penalties. There are now several offences with a minimum mandatory jail sentence, regardless of who you are and whether or not you have any previous criminal record.

As such it is extremely important that you not discuss your circumstances with any Police officer or agency until you seek help from an experienced B.C. criminal defence lawyer if you are facing a sexual type charge. Chris would be pleased to initially speak with you in confidence today concerning your case. If necessary, Chris is also able to arrange to represent you at a bail hearing to attempt your release from custody.