Assault Cases

Whether you are facing a domestic or spousal assault charge or a more serious charge of assault with a weapon or assault causing bodily harm, seek help immediately from a defence lawyer with a proven track record in defending assault charges.

All assault cases are treated seriously by the Courts and you need a criminal lawyer to assist you. In most cases the RCMP usually place you on a no contact order with certain individuals until your matter is completed before the Court. This can often mean an extended period of time apart from a spouse, partner and other family members such as children. Chris can assist to have any no contact order or other bail term varied or removed at or near your first appearance after discussions with the Crown Counsel.

In many cases Chris resolves an assault charge with no criminal record should you not already have a criminal record. There are other options Chris would be happy to discuss with you when you call him to discuss your particular assault case.

Chris also regularly represents clients facing uttering threat charges as well as criminal harassment allegations. In order for you to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf, call Chris today should you wish an experienced criminal defence lawyer for representation on your case.