Drug Cases


Chris has successfully handled many drug cases including  trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in heroin and fentanyl, trafficking in ecstasy, methamphetamines or possession for the purpose (PPT) of any drug and simple possession of any drug.

The Crown will initially determine whether it can be proven that the amount of drugs in question is likely to result in a conviction for the purpose of trafficking rather than simple possession. Ultimately that is for a Court to decide if an agreement with the Crown cannot be reached before a trial. This determination can have huge consequences not only regarding conviction but to the type of sentence as well.

There are severe penalties possible for all drug charges, including a prohibition to travel to the United States, should you be convicted of any drug offence. In many cases a criminal record is possible and if convicted of the more serious cases such as trafficking then a jail sentence can be imposed .

Call Chris today to get the experienced professional help you will need from a criminal lawyer when faced with a drug charge in British Columbia. Chris has successfully represented many clients over the past 29 years with all types of drug cases and is very knowledgeable in this area.