Impaired Driving

Since 2010 the Police detachments in British Columbia have generally proceeded with an immediate roadside prohibition (I.R.P) for most cases of impaired driving, also known as DUI, rather than proceeding with criminal charges in Court. This usually happens where a driver has failed a roadside screening device test or has failed to provide a sample into a roadside screening device. You will automatically lose your driver’s licence for 90 days and have your vehicle impounded for 30 days.

However, there is also the possibility of Criminal Code charges if a Police officer feels criminal charges are warranted. If you have to also go to Court, the Police will usually release you on a promise to appear for a future date and they may also issue you an administrative driving prohibition (A.D.P.) that takes effect 21 days from service.

There are serious penalties you will face if charged criminally with impaired driving, driving while over .08 or with refusal. If you are convicted in Court, there is a minimum fine, a criminal record plus a minimum one year loss of your driver’s licence in B.C. along with other remedial sanctions imposed by the B.C. government.

Losing your driver’s licence is never easy but you must immediately take further steps by speaking with a B.C. impaired driving lawyer who defends these cases right away. Chris has successfully defended many clients faced with all kinds of impaired driving allegations for over 27 years in British Columbia.