Property Offences

Whether you are facing a shoplifting or theft charge or possession of stolen property, it is possible to avoid a criminal record in many cases. All property crimes are treated seriously by the Courts so you should hire a criminal defence lawyer to represent you to get the best possible result. Chris has defended numerous clients charged with theft or possession and he would be pleased to discuss your options with you at a free initial consultation.

Mischief is often seen as a nuisance crime but can have serious repercussions such as a criminal record and a possible jail sentence depending on the circumstances of your case. Do not represent yourself on these allegations but call Chris today for a free consultation on your case to avoid being disappointed.

If you are facing a more serious charge of forcible entry or break and enter of a dwelling house or business, you should retain an experienced criminal defence lawyer to assist you in your case. Chris is a B.C. criminal defence lawyer with over 27 years of experience in handling these types of cases.